Basic InstinctLeaping Lizards! Sharon Stone's hubby, Phil Bronstein, nearly loses a toe to a Komodo dragon

Star treatment offers plenty of perks, but it can occasionally bite you in the, uh, foot. Which is what Sharon Stone, 43, and her husband, Phil Bronstein, 50, executive editor of the San Francisco Chronicle, learned during a private tour of the Los Angeles Zoo June 9. The grand finale? A visit inside the cage of a 7-ft. Komodo dragon, an endangered Indonesian lizard. While Stone stayed outside the cage (and their 13-month-old son Roan stayed home), Bronstein was instructed to remove his white sneakers for fear the reptile might mistake them for his usual meal of live rats. Bronstein's bare feet must have still looked tasty, because the lizard clamped its serrated teeth around Bronstein's left foot, tearing several tendons and crushing his big toe. After Bronstein pried the lizard's jaws open, the editor crawled out the cage's feeding door. Paramedics arrived 19 minutes later, and Bronstein went to an L.A. hospital, where he remained Tuesday night. He later made light of the incident, telling his paper, "It's L.A. I was just taking a meeting."

Zoo officials say the dragon had never attacked beforeut he had never had civilian visitors either. According to reptile expert Frank Slavens of Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo, he never should have. "They are large lizards and can be quite dangerous," he Golden Goose Sale says. The couple say they have no plans to sue the zoo, but Stone will soon have a day in court: She recently filed a $100 million breach of contract lawsuit against the producers of a proposed Basic Instinct sequel alleging they killed the film. The producers had no comment.


Putting a Price on a PartnershipBack in 1990, when Rene Elizondo Jr. was ironing out secret wedding details with his bride-to-be, pop diva Janet Jackson, he insisted on having a prenuptial agreement. That way he wouldn't be seen as a gold digger. "I want to write a contract so that you know that I am not after the money," he cooed to her, according to his testimony at a deposition last year. Things have changed. Elizondo, 38, who is in the process of getting a divorce from Jackson, 35, now wants Golden Goose Sneakers about $25 million, plus the couple's $4.5 million home in Malibu, sources say. Jackson reportedly previously offered her ex about $10 million to go away. Jackson's lawyer Lance Spiegel declined to comment. Elizondo's lawyer Manley Freid said his client is ready to go to trial next month in a Los Angeles court.